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Zoo Outreach Program by Nandankanan Education Wing

by SAI Admin

24 July, 2023

Recently, a remarkable Zoo Outreach Program was conducted for the students of Classes IV-VI, at Sushila Devi Auditorium, led by the esteemed resource person Rupsana Pradhan, Asst. Education Officer at Nandankanan. Alongside her, Niharika Pradhan and Abhijit Hota, devoted registered volunteers, played pivotal roles in making this initiative a success. The primary objective of this program was to impart wildlife awareness classes to young learners. To achieve this, the Zoo Education Wing of Nandankanan enthusiastically held engaging and informative awareness sessions to instil a sense of appreciation and understanding of wildlife conservation among the younger generation, fostering a more compassionate and responsible attitude towards our precious natural heritage.

During the Zoo Outreach Program, students enjoyed a captivating virtual tour of Nandankanan Biological Park, gaining insights into its diverse flora and fauna. The program also addressed human-induced resource depletion and its environmental impact. The interactive gaming method encouraged students to brainstorm solutions for ecosystem-related issues. Breeding processes for endangered species were explained, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts. Additionally, the program focused on identifying common local bird species, promoting biodiversity appreciation. Discussions about resource categories, sustainable usage, and environmental stewardship aimed to inspire the next generation to protect our planet's ecosystems.

"As we explore the wonders of Nandankanan and delve into the intricacies of our ecosystems, let us remember that the future of our planet lies in the hands of each young mind here today. Together, we can sow the seeds of compassion, conservation, and conscious living, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with all living beings and the bountiful nature that surrounds us.", said Rupsana Pradhan, Asst. Education Officer, Nandankanan

By making the learning process immersive and memorable, the program left an indelible mark on the young minds, inspiring them to become active advocates for wildlife conservation in their communities and beyond.