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by SAI Admin

03 February, 2021

SAI International organizes ‘Your Turn’ meet every week with its international partner School in Japan. Both SAI International Residential School and SAI International School participated in this week’s ‘Your Turn’ Meeting with Jr. & Sr. High School of Kogakuin University, Tokyo. The topic of discussion was on the hush topic of ‘legalized abortion and where each country stands’ on this issue.

Students brought about various crucial points of discussion such as; they presented data and statistics of legalized abortion in each country, laws and regulations in both countries, how culturally acceptable is this thought? And is it morally right or is it considered a taboo in each country? and finally, does it have an impact on the teenagers of each country?

It was a very pertinent and a thoughtful topic to be discussed and even turned intense when the students debated this moral issue. It was good to see that students from India as well as Japan spoke on women’s rights to child birth choice. This meeting got children closer to the culture and belief of Japan. They understood that both the countries have similar lines of thought on women and child care.  The SAIoneers also discussed the issues of girl child in India.

It was indeed a great learning experience for the students of both the countries as they found that many laws were similar in both India and Japan.