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Young SAIoneer Turned Author

by SAI Admin

30 September, 2022

“Have you ever thought about what happens to the books when they are not picked by the readers”, Class V student of SAI International School, SAIoneer Trisha Acharya, has written a book ‘Life of a Book – Mysteries in the Mysterious Cave’. This story book talks about the life of the books which are not picked up by the readers and left in the stores unattended. She has personified the books as characters in her novel. The very talented girl loves reading books and is highly inspired by the stories that she reads. She has opted IGCSE Board as her curriculum from Class IV onwards.
The book is now available on Kindle & also Amazon US, UK, and Japan. She started working on this project while she was in Class IV and gradually kept building up the story. The literary prodigy has incorporated 70 chapters in the first volume of the story book with illustrations. While speaking about the book she said that her book deals with the emotional and fun ride of the book protagonists. To pen down such ruminative ideas at such a young age is commendable. SAI International is immensely proud of this budding author for wonderfully channelizing her ingenious perspectives & compiling them into a book.