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Young SAIoneer Proudly Enters India Book of Records-2022

by SAI Admin

25 April, 2022

It is indeed our pride to announce that the very young and talented SAIoneer Shubham Panda of Kindergarten has made a marvelous entry into the very renowned India Book of Records-2022 on January 5,2022. He has been appreciated for reciting English alphabet with their phonic sounds, capitale of 28 Indian states, 14 Sanskrit shlokas, 12 national symbols, 14 Indian Prime ministers, 8 planets; telling capitals of 28 European countries, 12 South American countries, 16 North American countries, and 17 African, Australian, New Zealand countries; identifying flags of 65 countries, at the age of 5 year and 1 month, as confirmed on December 31, 2021

It is splendid to see our young tots achieve these huge milestones at such a tender age. But that is exactly what makes them the best learners and better than the rest. SAI International is extremely proud of Shubham & wishes him the heartiest congratulations !