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Young Authors of SAI International Publish Record Breaking Entries at National Young Authors Fair 2023

by SAI Admin

25 March, 2023

SAI International was adjudged with the Literary Leadership Award as the Best School in Odisha, at the National Young Authors Fair (Bribooks powered by EducationWorld), held on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at the esteemed Apparel House, Gurugram, Delhi, making it to the top 50 schools of India, at the world’s most significant & largest literary event, that received entries from more than 100,000 students from over 5,000 participating schools across India. The budding writers of SAI International aced the NYAF by submitting above 295 record-breaking entries & 130+ verified published books, harnessing their writing skills at an early age. Each printed book is published with an ISBN that is issued by the Ministry of Education, making each SAIoneer a globally published author, while allowing people from all around the world to purchase the publications. SAI International was recognized at this gala ceremony for the creative excellence & outstanding contribution by young SAIoneers in the field of storytelling, ranging from Class I to XII. Winners will also be showcased internationally at the Brooklyn books festival and New Orleans book festival.

Entering the League of Top 100 Best Selling Authors of India

Securing the 61st Rank, SAIoneer Ashrith Kandi from Class V was felicitated with the Writing Prodigy Author Award (National Best Seller) at the National Young Author’s Fair Award Felicitation Event, for making it to the League of the Top 100 Best Selling Authors of India, with his book- ‘The Tarot Card’, that follows a thrilling plot based on the protagonist’s take on somniphobia & his story to overcome his fears, keeping the readers glued until the last page.

Fuelling the Art of Storytelling Amidst Avid Thinkers

Late Dr Bijay Kumar Sahoo, Founder-Chairman, SAI International School was someone who believed in the magic of storytelling & its significance in education. He encouraged his students to be veracious readers & writers, incessantly pushing them to pen down their thoughts, ideas & imaginations discover in order to provide them the with the free will to express themselves unapologetically, improve their vocabulary & make them proficient writers & storytellers. Following this learning culture, the school always emphasizes on encouraging proactive engagement of students through innovative learning approaches that integrate the perks of storytelling with art, music, creative writing, role-play & animation, thereby, providing the young thinkers an opportunity for their creativity to be visualized.

“We at SAI International, believe that anyone can become a storyteller! It gives me immense pride to see my daydreamers channelize their creativity & imagination into well-articulated books, and entering a league of global published authors, at the National level Young Authors Fair. Creativity channelized through writing provides children with opportunities for experimentation, imagination, and freedom of expression, shaping their socio-emotional learning skills.”, said Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group.

This National Young Authors Fair has been an amazing way to value & reward kids’ curiosity, acknowledging how their questions, explorations, and investigations are contributing their own learning.

Deepening Roots, Broadening the Vision

It's crucial that our kids discover their creative sides and acquire a platform where the rest of the world can read their works. Participating in a first of its kind & one of the World’s Largest Writing & Storytelling events has helped SAIoneers channelize their imaginations into well-articulated stories, ranging from the sci-fi space adventures to fables with intriguing animal characters, conveying messages exclusive to each kid. This also connected the SAIoneers to their roots, making them aware of the storytelling tradition in India rampant since the ancient times in forms of puranas & the iconic Panchatantra collection’ how it originated with visual stories, such as cave drawings, and then shifted to oral traditions, in which stories were passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. There was then a shift to words formed into narratives, including written, printed and typed stories. From visual translations on the cave walls, to being able to visualize stories on an ed-tech platform like Bribooks, we’ve definitely come a long way.