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by SAI Admin

17 December, 2017

The annual mega fest of SAI International School- UNWIND was held on Sunday, 17th of December 2017. With an objective of rejuvenating minds and refreshing spirits, UNWIND is a unique initiative that helps students and teachers alike to de stress and have a break from their routine academic life. UNWIND is a carnival of celebration that involves food, fun and friends amidst a delightful bouquet of performances. The extravagant fiesta received a foot fall of over 30,000 people. UNWIND is designed, planned and executed by the Class XI Commerce students under the able guidance of the Chairman Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo.

UNWIND 2017 was inaugurated by Shri Tapan Kumar Chand, Chairman and Managing Director, NALCO.At the outset he made the audience take a pledge of cleanliness and insisted on working for at least 100 hours of cleanliness drive. In his address he highly appreciated the team for having successfully organized UNWIND a mega event of such magnitude. He said he was amazed at the kind of development the students have done in organizing the event. He advised the students that the output or success we get is the result of the input we give that is the hard work. He requested the Chairman to let the students document the entire process of the company Unwind with its achievement and challenges faced and also steps taken to address the issues so that it could guide the next batch of students to do it more effectively.

Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo, Chairman of SAI International School applauded the team for its excellent management and said that the experience and exposure gained will have tremendous impact in their professional lives. He said that Unwind is not just an event ,it is a movement to train students in leadership skills and to help them be connected with the society with the CSR activity 100 libraries project.He also congratulated the parents for their constant support as active partners in all the school activities.

UNWIND is also a fundraising event, to support various CSR projects initiated by the school and the major one being the 100 libraries project that aims to donate 100 libraries to rural schools and also schools for the underprivileged and special needs in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.Thirty schools have already been given fully equipped libraries and around 10,000 students have been benefitted by this. The goal is to reach one million children and create a better India through literacy.

SAI International believes in the concept of ‘holistic parenting’ and concentrates on the all round development of a child, that is only achieved when the school and parents are in tandem with one another. Behind a child’s success a very huge contribution is that of the parents and this year the Holistic Parenting Award was presented to Smt Madhu Kumari and Shri Rajiv Ranjan for the outstanding achievement of their daughter Soumya Sambhabi in the AISSCE 2017. This brilliant student brought glory to the proud parents and to her alma mater as well. Prizes were also given to the winners of the Business Model competitions held in the school.

The guests were treated to a dazzling jamboree of over 200 stalls that included carnival rides, Bungee Jumping, Bull Ride, Foos Ball, Frisbee, Dart, X Box Virtual Gaming, Fun Rides like Bouncy Castle, Ball Pool, Water Zorbing, Boat on Pool additionally fascinating games planned by students and energetic performances in three huge stages spread across the campus to entertain the parents and guests.The most attractive place was the lip smacking food zone. All kinds of varieties of food was laid from Indian to Mexican, Thai to Chinese, Italian to continental and from Punjabi to Odia cuisines.

With each passing year, the annual fete has amplified bringing in enhanced enthusiasm and delight. UNWIND reflects the essence of SAIoneers, successfully weaving around teamwork, leadership, innovation, communication, strategic planning and gives out a strong message of fostering brotherhood, unity and compassion. It also teaches the rules to execute under pressure, imbibes traits of a future leader and cultivates a culture of transparency and meticulous money management.

A befitting conclusion to the event were the spectacular fireworks and releasing the light lamps in the night sky which were reflective of the dreams, hopes and messages of peace from the young SAIONEERS.

The greatest attraction and the cherry on the cake was the star Night. Bollywood star singer, winner of the Voice of India contest Ravi Shukla’s performance made everyone in the audience jump and dance with exhilaration. His rocking concert was a spectacular event in itself.