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Unbounded Dreams, Rooted in Humility

by SAI Admin

08 September, 2023

The Student Council of Class IX-X, with profound reverence, commemorated the life and legacy of its esteemed founder, under the auspicious theme of "Dream Beyond Horizons, Imbibing Humility." for the revered Founder's Memorial Series, celebrating the life and times of the visionary, Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo.The assembly commenced with the gracious presence of the Senior Principal & Director-Academics, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, as the welcoming dignitary. Attendees were provided with an insightful introduction to the Founder's Memorial Series Initiative, a platform created to honour and celebrate the exceptional life and values of Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo and his transcendent leadership and devotion to the educational field.The audience was treated to a soul-stirring solo flute performance, accompanied by a mesmerizing musical rendition by the SAI Symphony, setting a reflective tone for the event, which included an ensemble of three heart-touching pieces that incorporated the ethos of Dr. Sahoo's ideals.A touching visual video presentation followed, featuring candid and personal images of the Founder-Chairman, evoking nostalgia and admiration among all present. An eloquent speech on the ideals Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo cherished was delivered, shedding light on his visionary contributions to education and society, as well as an indelible element of reflection for the guiding philosophies that he has left behind as his immortal legacy.The Flagship Founder's Tribute included a trilingual poetry tribute in Odia, Hindi, and English, accompanied by a live portrait by the Club Bearers of Different Strokes, that made the audience soar with a standing ovation. A skit highlighting the life and achievements of the formidable Tiffany Brar, Founder of the Jyothirgamaya Foundation, was performed by the talented actors of the Mask Club, emphasizing the importance of social service and philanthropy, teachings which Dr Sahoo imbibed in all of his beloved SAIoneers.The assembly reached an unforgettable conclusion with the rendition of "Alai-Alai," celebrating the spirit of SAI camaraderie, featuring the Student Council on stage, united shoulder-to-shoulder under the respectful reflection of the Founder's light.