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by SAI Admin

11 May, 2017

The 10-day Summer Fiesta of SAI International School concluded on Thursday, May 11, 2017. The valedictory function was attended by parents and family members of the participants, who were delighted to see a glimpse of the enjoyable learning activities of the children through video as well as live presentations. The highly energetic students charmed the onlookers with music, dance, song, skit, yoga and many more. The event concluded with the distribution of certificates and a walk through the ‘Art and Craft’ display section. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal said, “Seeing the enthusiasm and the wonderful performance of the kids, I am just wondering why we adults stopped learning such things”.

Summer Fiestas at SAI International School usher in a wave of freshness and a fun-filled learning environment amidst the scorching heat of summer. This year the campus reverberated with the joy and gaiety of the little children who displayed keen interest in acquiring new skills or honing an existing skill. Like every year, this year too the focus was on physical and creative activities, to build the talent and confidence of the children and make their vacations more meaningful. Himansu Swain, HOD Music said, “Students had come with a mind set to acquire new skills and that is the reason they were able to learn so fast. Their enthusiasm is contagious and that spreads an energetic atmosphere all around.”

The 10-day Summer Fiesta was held from May 1 to 11, 2017 where around 100 enthusiastic students took part in a flurry of interesting activities held at SAI Angan. The senior group (Class IV to VIII) indulged in activities like Yoga, Swimming, Dance, Drama and learning the various nuance of movie making like script writing, editing etc and also learnt about panel discussion, through the in-house studio, SAI TV. Class IV student Yavana said, “There are many activities and I must say each one is amazing and interesting. Summer Camp should have been for more days”.

The junior group (KG-I to Class-III) also had fitness sessions like yoga and swimming as well as activities to experience various facets of artistic emotions through music and dance. They had story telling sessions to strengthen their creative skills, enable them to build ideas and boost their thinking capacity. The kids had a gala time experimenting with their culinary skills and taking joyful rides in the Toy Train. Dimple Narula, mother of Class IV student Vedika said, “I am very happy with this Summer Fiesta. My daughter is very excited and I feel she has developed a keenness to learn new things, which is a good sign”. Pinki Pradhan, mother of KG-II student Arya said, “We are very happy to see the developments in Arya, he has developed more confidence and yes he is very happy”.

Every year during the Summer Fiesta, the School tries to bring in a different constructive activity for the students. This year Sculpture and 3-D Painting were introduced to stimulate the critical thinking and synthesizing the artistic skills of children. Every activity was conducted under the guidance of expert trainers from the School. Vidhika from Class VI said, “I love the art and craft section, especially the 3-D paintings and making sculpture. I love this summer camp as it gives us all the freedom to use our creativity and imagination”.