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Science Model Competition to Foster Scientific Temperament in SAIoneers

by SAI Admin

10 September, 2022

A Science Model Competition was held on September 10, 2022 in the Indraprastha Auditorium for Classes XI. SAIoneers came up with amazing futuristic science models. Judges for the Science Model Competition were Dr Rajeeb Kumar Swain, Scientist, ILS, Dr Amaresh Panda, Scientist, ILS, Mr A K Rath, Educationist, Dr. Debrat Biswas Scientist, ILS, and Mrs Minati Mahapatra, Educationist.

Such Model Competitions are an exceptional way for students to engage in active learning and develop sufficient science literacy, crucial presentation skills & gain confidence. Students are able to take their natural curiosity and advance their understanding in a given area through research. Participation of Class XI SAIoneers in this model fair is integral as it helps distinguish students on their college applications. It was a wonderful opportunity for SAIoneers to network with their peers who have similar interests. The winners of this model competition will be announced in SAITED 2022, one of the country’s Largest K-12 Science Conclaves which is to be hosted at SAI International School on December 7, 2022.