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Science & Maths Exhibition Conducted at SAI International Showcases Extensive Design Thinking

by SAI Admin

18 November, 2022

SAI International conducted a Science & Maths Exhibition for Classes VI-VIII on Friday, November 18, 2022 to fuel scientific temperament amidst students & push them to showcase their analytical skills through ingenious models. Eminent guest faculties from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Shri Akshaya Kumar Mahapatra and Shri Bibekananda Mishra graced the event. Along with them a team of competent judges reviewed and assessed each project meticulously.

The exhibition was a display of incredible creativity and innovative ideas of young SAIoneers. Through the exhibition, students of Classes VI-VIII developed a scientific spirit and curiosity to further equip them to think critically and creatively design solutions to unveil persisting challenges around them. Students enjoyed learning through the exhibition and developed a sense of achievement by showcasing intriguing models, activities, and games that beautifully revealed the notion that mathematics and science are the magical languages of the universe.

The Projects were majorly based on CBSE themes Of Technology & Toy and the Sub-themes included many projects like Advancement in information and communication technology, Eco-friendly materials, Health and Cleanliness, Transport and innovation, Environmental Concerns, Historical Development with Current innovation, Mathematics for us - to name a few. The major objective of this event was to inculcate scientific temperament and technical skills.  It also aimed to promote critical thinking and Design thinking among the students. Not only were the exhibits profoundly educative, but they were also simply fun to observe and learn from.