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SAITED is Back !

by SAI Admin

17 August, 2022

August 17, 2022 marked the date for the splendid SAITED 2022 Launch. It was solely organised and executed by the Science Students of Class XI. The assembly started off with the lively anchors introducing the show and then it was followed by the mesmerizing band performance. All the band members were full of energy and got a great response from the audience. Everyone loved the song selections and couldn’t stop but sing along. The singers amazed the audience with their vocal expertise and the band members were none the less. Team Members hyped up the atmosphere by singing and clapping along to the beats.

The enthralling and energetic band performance was followed by a much descriptive launch video. It was quite informative as it showed all the fun events and functions that will be a part of SAITED 2022. All the students as well as the dignitaries were quite pleased by the launch as it interacted well with the sentiments and expectations of the children who are looking forward to this extensive science fest this year.

As it is said, it's about the little moments on the stage that make the performances notable. The dance performance by the students of SAITED 2022 was what made the hearts of their fellow SAIoneers, both juniors & seniors ranging from Classes IV-XII beam with excitement. The entire team of SAITED acted as the biggest support system, whether it was hyping the audience or dancing along the performers, they made it all look flawless and playful.

The mascot and theme unveiling were as energetic as ever. The mascot Flash was symbolic of the chosen theme "Transcending Every Dimension". Flash is a DC superhero which everyone adores. The theme unveiling was caried out in a really unique way. The team members held placards of letters of each word of theme "transcending every dimension" in a jumbled-up sequence and then had the audience guess the theme by arranging them in the correct manner. It was really interactive and fun. Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, Dr. Silpi Sahoo; Director Academics & Senior Principal, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi ; Principal Secondary ,Shri Prakash Sahoo & Principal Primary, Smt. Marked their presence in the launch throughout all the performances to boost & upload the spirits of the students and their presence definitely added to the fun & gaiety of the launch. The little kids were thrilled and eager for the event and some of them even joined our SAITED chants.

Science Enthusiasts seemed really excited about the enthralling gamut of activities under the Science Conclave showcased to them for this year by the SAITED team and are certainly looking forward to participate in several events this December to further explore & keep up with their scientific quest by transcending more dimensions.