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SAIoneers’ Spirited Ode in Patriotic Song Competition and Debate Excellence at Anjali National Children & Youth Festival 2023

by SAI Admin

17 November, 2023

In a resounding testament to the prowess of SAI International School, the institution secures the 2nd position in the Patriotic Song Competition, creating an anthem of triumph that resonates with patriotic fervor. Simultaneously, the illustrious first prize in the Debate Competition is claimed with distinction by SAIoneers Poorva Mishra and Sanshita Priyadarshini. This dual victory stands as a harmonious blend of musical and oratorical excellence, propelling SAI International School to a remarkable 2nd position overall. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to these exceptional students, whose stellar performances have not only brought glory to themselves but have also woven an inspiring melody of achievement within the school's illustrious tapestry.