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SAIoneers Shine in SAT Exam

by SAI Admin

22 November, 2023

In a momentous achievement, SAI International School is thrilled to announce the exceptional performance of Janisha Karan, a distinguished SAIoneer from Class XII, in the recently disclosed SAT exam results on November 17, 2023. Janisha has achieved a remarkable score of 1570 out of 1600, securing her position in the top 1% of the approximately 5 million students worldwide who participated in the exam. Adding to this outstanding achievement, other notable SAIoneers, namely Nishant Kartik Nayak, Arush Sarma, and Adyasha Syam, have also demonstrated remarkable success in previous SAT sessions, each securing a commendable score of 1570 out of 1600. This collective excellence reinforces SAI International School's reputation as a centre of academic prowess, producing consistently high-performing students in the SAT examinations.

The remarkable feat doesn't stop here; in an unprecedented occurrence, several SAIoneers from recent batches appearing for the SAT from SAI International School have scored above 1500 in the current & previous sessions of this global standardized test widely used for college admissions in most of the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, UAE, New Zealand and a few Australian universities. This achievement cements SAI International School as the leading SAT school in Eastern India, both in terms of individual and collective scores, increasing the acceptance rates of numerous SAIoneers in several universities abroad for their undergraduate studies.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International, exudes delight in the exceptional performance of the students, solidifying the school's standing as the premier SAT institution in the region. "We take immense pride in our students' remarkable scores in the SAT exam—a testament to the rigorous training and exceptional educational ecosystem we've meticulously developed at SAI International School. This achievement not only reflects our commitment to meeting but surpassing global standards, showcasing our dedication to providing world-class education and comprehensive training that prepares our students for success on a global scale," said Dr. Sahoo.

These SAT achievers have not only demonstrated individual brilliance but have also contributed to the entire batch achieving a collective score above 1500. This milestone firmly establishes SAI International School as a trailblazer in SAT education in Eastern India. The outstanding performance of these students reaffirms SAI International School's commitment to providing world-class education and preparing students for global challenges. The school looks forward to continuing its legacy of academic excellence and nurturing future leaders.