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by SAI Admin

24 October, 2018

As a mark of respect and to celebrate the Surgical Strike Day, students of SAI International School pledged their support to the Indian Armed Forces by writing letters and gifting them beautiful handmade cards.

The token of love and appreciation was solemnly handed over to the brave Jawans and Officers of the 120 Infantry Battalion, Bihar Regiment at Bhubaneswar on October 24, 2018.

Students felt highly privileged to do the honours as it gave them a great occasion to meet the Indian Army personally and thank them whole heartedly. They also got an excellent opportunity to watch the display of weapons and military equipment like Rifles, Pistols, Machine Guns, Grenade etc. Students got to interact with various levels of Officials to gain an in-depth idea on the functioning of the Army, learn about the life of a Defence Personnel and being motivated to choose Defence as a career.

Appreciating the students for their effort, Commanding Officer Col. Debadutta Swain said that “Very good pieces of creativity. It gives a great sense of accomplishment to find children acknowledging the contribution of Armed Forces.” Col Rajeev Kumar, Director, NCC Directorate Odisha, briefed the students about the life in the Army and said that is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. Maj Gen Bhabani Shankar Das added that Being in Defence service is very respectable and it is one of the finest Organisation in the World”.
Shri Thongkholet Mate, RO, Bhubaneswar Region who coordinated the entire event spoke on the invaluable contribution of Armed Forces and thanked the Battalion for their hard work. Shri Nilakantha Panigraphy, Sr. Vice Principal SAI International School lauding the role of the Defence Personnel, shared that “Today we are enjoying a safe life because we know somewhere we are being protected by the Armed Forces”.