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SAIoneers make their National level mark at Atal Tinkering Marathon-2020

by SAI Admin

12 August, 2021

SAI International School’s students are at the top notch, competing at National Level as the illustrious students successfully make their mark at the Atal Tinkering Marathon-2020.The two teams from SAI International School have been selected for top 300 at the National level. SAIoneers of Class XII and X projects made a successful foray into the top 300 list at the National level.

The National level projects dealt with the AI solution to medical emergency and agriculture where the Class XII students, Sambhav Otta , Jayesh Goel and Dibyajyoti Nayak spoke about a semi-autonomous drone that is built to provide quick support in situations with a medical emergency. It includes special sensors that can test the blood of the victim and analyse the reason behind the emergency.

The students of Class X, Santrupta Mishra and  Prateek Patnaik  entered top 300 of the Nationals for their SM Drone project, an AI based Agriculture drone which is designed to address the control of the pest through automation process in the farming lands. The automation process is fully achieved by a drone fitted with a high beam camera that works in collaboration with the server.