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SAIoneers Make a Mark at SRCC

by SAI Admin

29 August, 2023

SAI International proudly acknowledges the achievements of its dedicated researchers, Shlok Bhogila & Adit Mohapatra from Class-XII, who participated in the Research Fellowship of the Finance and Investment Cell and the Shri Ram Trading Challenge organized by D-Street, SRCC (Shri Ram College of Commerce). The experience gained from these endeavours has been nothing short of exceptional. Emerging as standouts among over 1200 applicants nationwide, these SAIoneers were among the Top 80 selected students who engaged in insightful discussions with peers and mentors over a two-week period. The exposure gained and the insights garnered from these experiences are truly invaluable. Ranging from mastering the basics of the stock market to employing intricate techniques like fundamental analysis and candlestick pattern analysis, this enriching journey equipped our budding innovators with knowledge applicable to both their academic endeavours and real-world scenarios, as demonstrated in their remarkable performance at the Shri Ram Trading Challenge.

Among these accomplished individuals, Shlok Bhogila of class XII showcased remarkable dedication and passion for legal studies since joining SAI International School in 2015. With a fervour for financial law, Shlok has not only represented the school in various competitions but also secured a prize for his business proposition from the Government of India at the "SPARK-O-THON" event organized by the office of the principal scientific advisor to the Government of India. Additionally, his participation in several competitions organized by Shri Ram College of Commerce reflects his commitment to his aspirations of becoming an investment lawyer, particularly with the prestigious multinational investment bank J.P. MORGAN CHASE Co. Shlok's engagement in reading current affairs, tackling complex critical reasoning passages, and analysing stock market trends further underscores his determination.

Similarly, Adit Mohapatra, a student of class XII, has distinguished himself through his financial acumen and participation in various competitions since joining SAI International School in 2015. Adit's unwavering ambition is to excel as an investment banker, where he can leverage his analytical and strategic skills to navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape. His noteworthy work as the Finance Director of Unwind, coupled with his active involvement in competitions organized by Shri Ram College of Commerce, stands as a testament to his passion and dedication. Adit's pursuit of becoming an Investment Banker with the esteemed multinational investment firm J.P. MORGAN CHASE Co. is further reflected in his dedication to reading current affairs, honing his chess skills, and meticulously tracking stock market trends.