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SAIoneers Ace CSM Synapse 2.0

by SAI Admin

18 August, 2023

In a triumph that resonates with intelligence and dedication, SAIoneers have clinched victory in the prestigious CSM Synapse 2.0 quiz event. This remarkable educational endeavor, co-hosted by IT consulting firm CSM Tech and Quizcraft Global, reached its culmination last Friday. The SAIoneers' exceptional knowledge and prowess led them to secure the coveted top position, standing as the champions of the competition. An impressive participation of 104 teams, comprising 208 students from 29 different schools, engaged in the quiz competition. These students hailed from educational institutions spanning Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Jatani.

Guided by the seasoned quizmaster Adittya Nath Mubayi, the occasion radiated an even more exhilarating atmosphere this year. Notably, the SAIoneers were awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000 for their stellar achievement. The prizes were presented to the triumphant teams during the event's second iteration by Actor Sabyasachi Mishra, along with CSM's Chief Financial Officer, Manoj Patra, and Chief Technology Officer, Pradyut Mohan Dash.

Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, the Founder and CEO of CSM Tech, emphasized the significance of Synapse as a remarkable platform for inquisitive and passionate young minds to display their talents. Pany highlighted CSM Tech's vision of stimulating competitive and inquisitive young minds, fostering creative and witty thinking, especially in the dynamic age of ChatGPT and its disruptive influence.