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SAIoneer Tamanna Ray Becomes Rank Holder of 16 International Olympiads

by SAI Admin

22 April, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that SAIoneer Tamanna Ray of Class 8 has successfully secured well-acclaimed accolades in 17 International Olympiads this year. Listed below are her various achievements in the concerned Olympiads:

International Ranks in Top-10:-

1-International Rank 1 in ISSO(International Social Science Olympiad)
2-International Rank 1 in SKGKO(Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad)
3-International Rank 7 in IGKO(International General Knowledge Olympiad)
4-International Rank 9 in IMO(International Mathematics Olympiad)

International Ranks in Top-100:-

1-International Rank 16 in  UIEO(Unified International English Olympiad)
2-International Rank 31 in  NSO(National Science Olympiad)
3-International Rank 40 in  NCO(National Cyber Olympiad)
4-International Rank 47 in  IRAO(International Reasoning and Aptitude Olympiad)
5-International Rank 50 in  NSTSE(National Science Talent Search Examination-50)
6-International Rank 56 in  UIMO(Unified International Mathematics Olympiad)
7-International Rank 61 in  IEO(International English Olympiad.)
8-International Rank 96 in  UCO(Unified Cyber Olympiad.)

This year Tamanna has got 4 prizes in International Rank TOP-10, 8 prizes in TOP-100 and she has achieved 16 prizes in total in various olympiads. SAI International is extremely proud of Tamanna for unlocking such milestones and wishes her the heartiest congratulations !