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SAIoneer Pratik Arnav Jena Clinches Bronze Medal as Captain of Under-14 Roll Ball Team!

by SAI Admin

23 December, 2023

In a stellar display of skill and leadership, Class VII student Pratik Arnav Jena has emerged as the dynamic captain of the Under-14 Roll Ball team. Under his guidance, the team showcased remarkable teamwork and dedication at the 3rd National East Zone Championship, securing a well-deserved BRONZE MEDAL in this fiercely competitive event!

Pratik's exceptional leadership and the team's collective efforts have not only brought glory to SAI International School but also demonstrated the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence. Let's join together in showering Pratik and the entire team with applause for this remarkable accomplishment!

This achievement not only reflects the individual talent of Pratik but also highlights the commitment and training of the entire team. It's moments like these that make us proud of our SAIoneers and their dedication to sporting excellence.