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SAIoneer Featured in 20Under20 at MU20x, Asia’s Largest High School Summit

by SAI Admin

07 November, 2023

Happy to share that SAIoneer Satwik Ranjan Nanda from Class XII, has been featured in the prestigious MU20under20 category at MU20x, Asia's largest high school summit, attended by over 120 schools and 3000+ participants. MU20x spotlights 20 iconic individuals from across the nation who are already making significant strides towards becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Among the chosen 20 individuals, Satwik stands out as a true changemaker, showcasing the immense potential and self-discovery that opportunities can unleash. MU20x presented eight diverse challenges, allowing participants to excel in their respective areas of expertise.

Becoming an MU20under20 is a profound honor, and Satwik's recognition in front of both national and international delegates and guests has been a source of immense pride. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Satwik on this remarkable feat, and we are confident that he will continue to achieve even greater milestones in his life.