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SAIoneer Celebrates his Birthday in the Most Sustainable Way

by SAI Admin

01 October, 2022

SAIoneer Soham Ray of Class X celebrated his birthday this year in the most unique way by giving out saplings of numerous plants to his fellow classmates & teachers on October 1, 2022. With a zeal to foster sustainable development & as a way of giving back to Mother Nature, he distributed around 200 saplings amidst Classes IV-X.

On being asked about what made him come up with this initiative, he expressed how he wanted to contribute towards bringing about a positive change and celebrate his birthday in a distinctive manner. He further talked about how during the last 2 years of pandemic, the human race prominently witnessed a bad scenario of major oxygen crisis across the globe. For him, promoting plantation of saplings through his friends & teachers is his way of reforestation, ensuring abundance of oxygen in our day-to-day lives.

SAI International is immensely proud of him for initiating such a sustainable endeavour on his birthday and further motivating his peers to protect, restore & and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, combat desertification, and halt & reverse land degradation, thereby halting biodiversity loss.