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SAI Netritva 2023: Instilling Leadership Beyond the Conventional Approach

by SAI Admin

20 September, 2023

SAI Netritva 2023, the eagerly anticipated Leadership Camp, has made a triumphant return! This adventure camp, hosted by SAI International, embarked on its journey on September 20, 2023, promising fresh adventures and even greater opportunities for leadership development to the SAIoneers spanning Classes I to XII. This year's overnight camp seeks to empower budding leaders across various age groups, encouraging them to challenge their perspectives, establish personal and educational objectives collaboratively, and reflect on their individual growth. It instils a sense of sportsmanship and nurtures teamwork among peers.

The first session of this incredible leadership adventure has already started from September 20th to 21st, 2023, for the Class XII SAIoneers, at the Netritva Camp. The students had a great time filled with growth, discovery, and unforgettable experiences! They were engaged in thrilling outdoor activities , team-building challenges, inspirational leadership workshops, stunning natural surroundings, self-discovery and personal growth.

At SAI International, we steadfastly uphold the belief in nurturing the comprehensive development of each student through high-quality education enriched with 21st Century Skills. We are dedicated to enabling every student to reach their fullest potential, fostering achievement in their respective spheres.

SAI Netritva, conceived by the Founder-Chairman of SAI International Education Group, serves as an annual leadership initiative aimed at sculpting a brighter India with exceptional leaders. Dr. Sahoo ardently championed the idea that purposeful leadership serves as a unifying force for noble endeavors. He emphasized that nurturing leadership, coupled with a fervor for innovation, is fundamental to our very existence. When pursued with unwavering dedication, these principles transform practices, instigating positive shifts in habits and beliefs, and nurturing a generation equipped to confront the world's challenges with unparalleled excellence.

In alignment with the principles of 21st-century learning, the SAI Netritva Camp curriculum encompasses a diverse range of activities, including classroom lectures, outdoor sessions, physical training, communication workshops, and value-based lessons. These components collectively mold students into exemplary individuals, equipping them with vital leadership attributes, team management skills, interdependence, discipline, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The curriculum is tailored to suit the age group of students and encompasses four key leadership skills: Adventure, Leadership, Soft Skills, Social Skills, and Creativity.

A pivotal facet of the camp's program is the development of Adventure skills, where students acquire a plethora of survival and life skills that bolster their confidence and dispel fear. The curriculum actively engages students in mentally and physically demanding tasks, offering them the chance to embrace healthy risk-taking experiences. The campsite abounds with exhilarating activities, ranging from wilderness cooking and raft-building to rappelling and more. Students actively participate in every aspect of these activities, from gathering firewood to preparing meals.

Additional activities include Flying Fox, Rappelling, Jumaring, Kayaking, Rafting, Commando Obstacles, Free Fall, Slingshot, Zorbing, and a host of creative pursuits such as pottery, gardening, painting, and drama. Students collaborate both independently and as a team to accomplish assigned tasks, all while imbibing crucial survival skills for thriving in natural environments and managing crises.

SAI Netritva Camp 2023 will undoubtedly imbue each student with the qualities of a true leader, fostering self-awareness and confidence in global learning. This transformative experience has consistently inspired students to transcend their limits, explore the deeper realms of life beyond the classroom, and evolve into empathetic leaders enriched with 21st-century skills.