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SAI International School projects finds place in Atal Tinkering Marathon

by SAI Admin

02 December, 2020

Two projects of SAI International School have found a place among the top list of Atal Tinkering Marathon, the result of which was declared on Friday, July 31, 2020. It is a nation-wide innovation challenge organised by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog with MyGov,
The project ‘World Changers’ by Class VIII students Aatisha Pradhan, Anwesha Maharana and Sneha Munshi is about an ‘Air Purifier cum Composter. Here the carbon dioxide from the air is separated with the help of machines and mixed with the soil for the roots of plants to absorb. Renewable resources like solar and wind energy is used in the process to generate electricity.
The project, ‘Something to be changed’ is designed by Ayush Ray, Soubhagya Ranjan Biswal and Bignesh Narayan Triparhy from Class VIII. Named as ‘Holographic’, the project is based on simple mechanics of light which help to create holographic-transformable motion pictures using laser beams, which will have a better impact on the learning process of the students. The students were virtually mentored in the Atal Tinkering Lab of SAI International School, by trained Mentors. The teams carried out in-depth research and came up with viable solutions that will create a better impact on the environment and well-being of the people.