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SAI International School Illuminates Patha Utsav 2024!

by SAI Admin

07 January, 2024

In a dazzling spectacle of ingenuity and flair, the students of SAI International School (SIS) etched an unforgettable presence at Patha Utsav 2024. The lively event, situated near INFOCITY on January 7, 2024, saw SAIS students captivate onlookers with rhythmic dance beats, enchanting art installations, and dynamic performances.

The bustling streets of Bhubaneswar reverberated with cheers as SIS took center stage, offering a diverse palette of talents. Energetic displays, including aerobics, cycling, and skating, infused an extra dose of excitement, while tranquil yoga sessions provided serene interludes. This event embodied more than just entertainment; it mirrored the holistic development ethos of SAIS, fostering unity and celebration among the students.