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by SAI Admin

09 June, 2020

On June 8, 2020, day 8 of the eSummer Camp,SAI International revisited the in-erasable memories of the historic visit of NASA Scientist. 2017 saw the visit of the famous space scientist and a NASA astronaut Jack D. Fischer Colonel, U.S. Air Force at SAI International. SAI International initiated this revisit to inspire the children to go beyond the horizon and unlock the mysteries of the galaxy. It also aims at expanding the imaginations of the children to step into the cosmic world which is indeed just a thought away.

SAI International School believes in promoting Science and Technology through various pioneering platforms to induce the spirit of curiosity and creativity amongst the students as well as encourage and empower them to take up innovative scientific activities for a wider contribution to society.

Colonel Jack D. Fischer was selected by NASA in July 2009. He served as a Flight Engineer aboard the International Space Station of the Expedition 51/52. During his 2017 mission, he logged 136 days in space with two other spacewalkers and landed on Earth with Peggy Whitson on 3 September, 2017, concluding the mission that included hundreds of scientific experiments for the crew and two spacewalks for Fischer.

Jack Fischer in his presentation described about the life style of astronauts while in the space station and said that in this mission he and his team members worked on around 337 experiments and the major one being on cancer drugs.

In his interactive session, he said, “to become an astronaut you need to dream, find your passion as no one will hand it over to you, you need to work hard to achieve it”. His words of wisdom will surely be etched in the hearts of each SAIoneer for years to come.

Speaking on the occasion Founder and Mentor SAI International Education Group said,” the aim to revisit this historic event was to bring back the memories to my SAIoneers and inspire them to think beyond limits and work harder for gaining in-depth knowledge on Science and technology and most importantly having a life time experience once again of being with a space walker and astronaut from NASA”.