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by SAI Admin

08 March, 2021

SAI International School is participating in the National Toy Fair Virtual 2021 to encourage our students to showcase their capabilities. The intent is to channelize their energy in the right direction by harnessing their interests, passions, skills and purposes. Our SAIoneers have been innovative in designing toys and games linked with study concepts to gain mastery and acquaintance to otherwise relatively difficult concepts. The toys designed are not just interesting but very creative, collaborative, innovative and they instill critical thinking, to the end user as well too.

The Spinning Wheels game has numbers written on it and a child will be able to spin the wheel and choose correct multiples and factors of a number to understand well the concept of factors and multiples.

Likewise a Language Learner’s Crossword Puzzle game has been mapped with a questionnaire linked to literary tools and better use of idioms.

The students have come up with a Fraction Disc , and to play this game there are four blank circles (white) and four colored circles to represent 1/3 , 1/4 , 1/5 , 1/8 . To start the game one needs to interlock a blank circle with a colored circle, thus giving crisp solutions to a curious mind.

While our SAIoneers achieve well being and purpose in life, the school is working to shape holistic personalities to step into adulthood with confidence, poise and happiness.