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SAI International Hosts SAI Alumni Talk with Young Entrepreneurs

by SAI Admin

12 November, 2022

Alumni Nikita Baliarsingh and Nishita Baliarsingh, Young entrepreneurs from the Class of 2015, delivered the SAI Alumni Talk virtually at 11:00am on Saturday, November 12, 2022 for the students of SAI International School & SAI International Residential School. Their Talk outlined an ingenious presentation designed by them on the concept, feasibility & framework of electric vehicles (EV), followed by an interactive Q/A session with the students.

As successful entrepreneurs & Co-Founders of Nexus Powers, they enlightened the students about their futuristic entrepreneurial venture- Nexus Power, a company that manufactures rechargeable, bio - organic and bio - degradable batteries for electric vehicles. The Eco - friendly batteries are lithium-ion free and utilize crop residue as the raw material, efficiently managing the massive farm land waste generated in India and across the globe. The interesting part is that the batteries charge 8x - 10x faster and last 20% - 30% longer than their counterparts. Nexus Power owns a provisional patent for its lab tested working proof -of-concept.

Nikita specialises in Nanotechnology, Strategy & Innovation Management while Nishita has inclination towards Electric Vehicle Design & Renewable Energies. The talented siblings are learning enthusiasts and have been listed in Forbes’ prestigious Class of 30 Under 30, which celebrates the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit among India’s youngsters during the pandemic.

Addressing their presence in this online Alumni Talk, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, said, “I congratulate you both for all your successes, it is a matter of great pride and honour for the school when its students spread their wings and take flight into the infinite sky. You, our alumni are our priceless valued emissaries who have added sheen and lustre to the glory of the institute and raised the banner of SAI International very high. It fills my heart with sheer nostalgia, to connect with you again’. Referring to Founder-Chairman, Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, she further added, “Chairman Sir’s vision of his students growing up to be successful entrepreneurs is eventually coming true through aspiring entrepreneurs like you. I’m sure Sir is immensely proud of you both too’’

The fellow teachers & faculty members of the school were also elated to interact with their students after a really long time. They fondly shared anecdotes from old times. This one-hour session was a great opportunity for aspiring SAIoneers to gain from their knowledge & experience.

SAI Alumni Talks like these, inspires fellow SAIoneers to dream big and achieve their dreams. At SAI, this brilliant platform brings you to interact with your seniors and learn from their experiences. These sessions will not only widen their knowledge horizon but also their career prospects. It brings together the school alumni members & the current SAIoneers, where the Senior Alumni of the school guide the current students on how they can pursue your passion and the steps they can take to achieve your objective, in their concerned are of interest. These sessions will help students prepare for the real world out there.