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SAI International Hosts Roller Speed Skating Camp with Giulio Ravasi

by SAI Admin

08 April, 2023

A one-day camp on roller speed skating was hosted by SAI International School, with the revered Giulio Ravasi, International Skating Coach from Italy & National Indian Team Coach (Roller Skating Federation of India), on April 8, 2023. An enthusiastic group of emerging skaters gathered on Bijaya Maidan to engage in a training session where the very experienced Ravasi guided them further to enhance their skating skills. He also enlightened the SAIoneers about how roller skating contributes towards their cardiovascular fitness, development of balance & coordination. 

Mr. Giulio Ravasi appreciated the state-of-the-art sporting facilities available for students in the school. The students received expert suggestions on bending, swirling and stunting with minimum injuries. “I’m happy to be at SAI International School for the roller-skating camp while my stay here in India. It’s commendable to see how the school considers sports education as one of core learning methodologies for young students. Rollerskating is a lifetime-fitness sport that is critical to building grit, courage, patience & mental toughness in children.’’, said Ravasi while conducting the camp for SAIoneers.

“Watching my SAIoneers learn to skate has been an interesting experiment with courage & grit. There’s always a significant risk of pain and embarrassment associated with skating. They fall down & have to make a choice to get back up and keep at it. However, a lot of what they’ve experienced psychologically and emotionally through the process of learning to skate has transcended into their personal achievements and goal setting. Many of them are not just learning it for fun but are willing to take up skating as a career and we at SAI International encourage & support our students to excel further in sports by providing them with advanced sporting facilities.” said Dr Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group.

Balance holds the key and you get it through practice.  It’s refreshing to see how a sport that has been striving under an umbrella since long is now gaining the stature it deserves, with large number of budding skaters participating in national camps & championships held across the country, creating opportunities for roller skaters to showcase their skills & learn essential life virtues through this sport. Another major benefit is the sport’s potential for social integration as a recreational activity. I’m thankful to Giulio Sir for conducting this session for our SAIoneers. It’s been quite enlightening for them.” said Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, Director Academics & Senior Principal, SAI International School.