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SAI International Hosts A Gala Event to Celebrate International Youth Day at Pal Heights, BBSR

by SAI Admin

26 November, 2022

After what almost seemed like an eternity, the students of SAI International School revived one of the most quintessential events that bolsters up the culture of SAI-The International Youth Day, after a long hiatus. Chiefly organized by the core members of the Going Global Club, SAI International joyously celebrated International Youth Day on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at Pal Heights, BBSR, after 2 long years of the pandemic, with overwhelming participation from a tight-knit team with over 60 students in the Organizing Committee who ran a gala event.  And what a site to see it was! It almost seemed like the physical manifestation of the thoughts & ideals of the youth of today. Bedazzled with cultural performances, an intriguing gamut of games, cogent poetry, compelling speeches, impactful dance performances, skits and t-shirt giveaways, it surely grabbed the awed attention of every passer-by, and most certainly inspired a lot of people to step up for the theme followed this year, “My Body, Not Your Business”.

The event was given a warm start-off by the Secretary of Going Global, Anwesha Raypitam, who inculcated the values of Going Global and all that it stands for in her speech. It was followed by intriguing games & cultural performances, including a lively band performance that left every viewer awestruck and rejuvenated, and dances that depicted the reason the youth had stood up for. The striking dance & drama team from SAI International School, put forth impactful acts & witty-crafted sketches, as agents of change in the world. The students beamed with pride as they strutted their stuff, and the audience erupted in applause at the end of each performance. It was a beautiful display of art & talent put forth by the students of SAI International, catering to the whole world as their stage. The students were incessantly interacting with the audience, speaking to them about the theme, asking their opinions, and sharing theirs, pertaining to the focal point of the theme this year, so that they come up with ideas which all can be introduced into their societies and cultures to further promote the ideals of cultural diversity & internationalism. It was an activity of many senses for both the students and the audience. The students also gave T-shirts as giveaways to people in the audience to further promote the theme of this year.

Reflecting on the occasion, Core Organizing Committee Member, Dweta Pati from Class XII, said, “This event is forged into my memories as one of the greatest days of my life. Organizing this event in the offline format, after 2 long years of pandemic, has allowed an imperative exchange of experiences, knowledge, values, beliefs and skills that are relevant to building the capacity to contribute to the development of a multicultural society in a broad range of economic and social settings.

Furthermore, a campaign photoshoot was spearheaded by the Going Global Club’s Core Leadership Team and SAITV, on social media handles to foster awareness on body shaming & other social taboos under the same terrain. The aesthetic images were an indispensable prerequisite to what followed. This event was directly subsequent to the Online Conference held by SAI International School on similar themes. Speaking on this, the Going Global Vice-President, Tarun Tapan Bhuyan from Class IX, said, “Our motto is, Think Global, Act Local. Every year, after holding an intellectually challenging conversation at our international conference joined by hundreds of international delegates from across the globe, we always aim to foster that same awareness in our own communities and that is precisely what offline International Youth Day stands for. It stands for giving back to where we came from”

Expressing her sentiments on this event organized by students, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, said, “I’m elated to see SAIoneers come together after two long years of pandemic & join hands across generations to break down barriers, and work as one to achieve a more equitable, just and inclusive world for all people, fostering critical goals & celebrating International Youth Day this year. This gala event was instrumental in showcasing intergenerational solidarity & allowing the youth of today reach their full potential and comprehensively contribute to their community to further voice their opinions about challenges they face.

It would hardly be a lie to call the event an astounding success, resonating the voice of today’s youth in every one’s mind