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SAI International Education Fair 2024: A Gateway to New Age Careers

by SAI Admin

06 July, 2024

The SAI International Education Fair held on Saturday, 6th July 2024, was a tremendous success, drawing enthusiastic participation from Grade XI & XII students. The event, spanning both SAI International School and SAI International Residential School, featured esteemed universities from across India. Founder Ajay Sharma delivered a captivating talk, addressing New Age Careers, Profile Building for Academic Success, New Age Courses, 21st Century Skills, Technology & Data, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Management & Commerce. His insights on the importance of research projects, community service, and internships greatly resonated with the students.

The University Introductions and Exhibition provided a platform for students to engage with admission counselors from prestigious institutions such as Ashoka University, Whistling Woods, World University of Design, FLAME, Rishihood, O.P. Jindal, Mody, Shiv Nadar, Thapar, Alliance, and Anglo-Eastern Marine Academy. Students had the opportunity to inquire about programs, placements, scholarships, and campus life, gaining valuable information to shape their academic futures.