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by SAI Admin

06 July, 2020

SAI International celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday July 5, 2020. Enthusiastic students from Play Group to Class XII took part in the Online celebration with great joy and ardour. The presence of the Fathers along with other members of the family magnified the celebration.

The fathers along with their kids eagerly participated in the activity, ‘My Father, My Hero’, where they danced and sang with their children. It was not only an emotional moment for the father-child duo, but also for the entire family and the school as well. It was also an amazing experience to see the father’s getting emotional, a moment worth cherishing.

A fountain of emotional saga was witnessed during the celebration. The young students showcased their love and respect for their Father in various ways. While some sang self-composed songs, some sang their father’s favourite song, some of them presented beautiful videos that evoked childhood memories with their fathers and others spoke about the herculean role played by their father, which makes them feel so protected and secure. Students also presented wonderful dance and musical performances, as well as prepared their father’s favourite dish.

Founder and Mentor, SAI International Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo said that, ‘a Father will always remain a Super Hero for a child, an unceasing source of inspiration’. He added that ‘a father is a child’s first guru to brave the worldly waves. This elucidates how a father and a guru are but unified canopies that lead a child’s pathways.’

Appreciating the School’s effort to celebrate the occasion, the fathers expressed that such events help them to nurture their relationship with their children. The celebration is yet another sublime effort of SAI International to strengthen the bond between our SAIoneers and their parents, while ascertaining the peerless place of a father in the making a child’s morrow.