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by SAI Admin

28 June, 2018

Dr. Prasant Mohapatra, Vice Chancellor of Research, University of California, Davis delivered the SAI Decadal Lecture on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Dr. Mohapatra, who is also a Member of the Advisory Board of SAI International School, appreciated the school for its holistic education and said that nurturing the talent and interest of students greatly helps them in broadening their spectrum. He also spoke on exploring possibilities of collaboration between SAI and University of California, Davis, in the field of Research, Training of Faculty and Internship of students to enhance their scientific skills.

In his address he shared with the students the three guiding forces that helped him build his career. The foremost point he spoke was on the significance of time and advised them to respect the ‘precious resource’, as effective handling of time decides one’s future. The second important point he highlighted was on the importance of innovation and shared that the most important factor of innovation is the thought-process, which can only develop if one comes out of their comfort zone and think out of the box, on how to address the challenges in a better way and added that innovation leads to creativity. Speaking of the third vital point Dr. Mohapatra advised the students to make an impact in the society with their large or small contributions. He also advised them to dream high and not feel dejected by failures. Citing his own example he said that ‘I have met with more failures in life than success’ and specified that failures are the stepping stones to success and unless one fails in life one cannot become successful.

Introducing the Guest, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Vice Chairperson, SAI International School said that, Dr Mohapatra is the son of the soil who has made each Odia proud by achieving the coveted Chair of Vice Chancellor of University of California, Davis and wished that the versatile academician will soon take a lead role in the global educational arena. Dr. Mohapatra has a highly admirable career, holding eminent position in various reputed Universities and Research Institutes.