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by SAI Admin

30 April, 2018

Dr. Tobias Stapleton, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, delivered the SAI Decadal Lecture on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He briefed the students on the various startups mentored by the UMass Dartmouth’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) and shared the qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur like persistence, ability to keep going inspite of highs and lows, a thorough understanding of the area or work, in-depth background study and being optimistic. He advised the students on the importance of inculcating a lifelong love for learning and continuous up skilling with transferable competencies besides giving some valuable tips on how to make it to MIT.

Dr. Stapleton highly appreciated the SAIoneers and said, “Speaking with the students, it is clear that you have an incredible intelligent student party”, and added that the question asked by them shows their passion for learning, interest in their subject matter and desire to explore future prospects.

Dr. Stapleton is also the Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs at Charlton College of Business with an extensive experience in growing graduate enrollments, developing new graduate and corporate training programs, besides partnering university resources with those in the private sector, state and federal government.