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by SAI Admin

21 November, 2020

Ms. Hansa Sachdeva, Director Admissions and Financial Aid, Ahmedabad University delivered the SAI Career Talk on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, on the topic ‘Three myths around Liberal Studies’. She explained about various undergraduate courses in Humanities, Social Science, Science, Management, Commerce and Engineering as well as guided the students on how to learn through interdisciplinary academics and real-life experiences that traverse these intersections.

She said each degree programme provides students the opportunity to craft their own learning across disciplines and create their own academic pathway. She also highlighted on Research programmes available at the University.

SAI International School believes in bringing about a meaningful change in the lives of its students by constantly guiding them to pursue the right path. Simultaneously, the school takes care to identify and understand the area of expertise of the students as well as motivates them for self reflection to assess their own strength and weakness. This gives them the ability to weigh options before taking any decisions and also inspires the children to gain a better control over their life in order to move ahead successfully.