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by SAI Admin

13 April, 2022

SAI Career Talk was held for Class XII on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 in the Sushila Devi Auditorium on the topic: A New Model of International Immersive Education. This insightful session was wonderfully conducted by our eminent guest speaker Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Vice chancellor of Sai University who also happens to be a Harvard Alumni.

This talk focuses on experiencing interdisciplinary education of global standards. Colleges in India don’t have a certain framework or pedagogy on how students actually learn which creates a big disconnect amid the educational institutions and the students. Dr. Bharucha emphasized on the significance of a forward-thinking research approach for students while deciding their career paths in the future and to consider Sai University to be a part of an innovative curriculum where learning is a pleasant tread. He made students understand with various practical examples how innovation is key and immediately makes learning more radical in nature. He further challenged primitive methods of learning where the mind is not needed to be inquisitive and how that has changed over the last decade.

With his prominent expertise, he assured students of a conducive curriculum such as Sai University where if one undertakes Data Science, he can also have flexible options like music, art and psychology to go together with Machine Learning & AI models so that one can have the best of both worlds which essentially inspires the mind to innovate more.

This session was quite thought-provoking and further helped students of Class XII absorb relevant concepts with fresher insights before they step into the real world.