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by SAI Admin

02 January, 2018

SAI Asirvada’ ceremony was conducted amidst loads of fun and gaiety on Thursday, February 1, 2018 to bless the students of Class XII for a successful future. The day-long celebration was marked with power packed performances and foot tapping music. Class XI students left no stones unturned to ensure a wonderful time for the Class XII students. Students elegantly attired in their formal best, made the ambience colorful and lively.

Students shared fond memories and sentiments on their school life and the depth of feelings for their mentors. On behalf of the outgoing students, Head Boy, Tanmoy Panigrahi thanked all the teachers and students for their love and support, and for bringing them a step closer to their dream. Head Girl, Akankshya Acharya said that ‘wherever we go our identity as SAIoneers will follow us.’ She thanked all her mentors who have constantly guided her to make her a confident leader.

Sameer Patra and Parthavi Kanungo were given the title of Emerging SAIoneer. The Miss and Mr SAI title went to Akankshya Acharya and Tanmoy Panigrahi.

Dr. Sahoo in his address advised the students to build their life in such a way that everyone feels and appreciates their presence. He spoke on the importance of values and said that ‘never let your values adrift, without it you lose your own identity’. Principal, Shri Sanduja inspired the students to put on their best effort in the coming examination and also in all that they undertake in their journey of life.

Following the tradition, Dr. B.K.Sahoo, Chairman, Dr.Silpi Sahoo, Vice Chairperson, Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal and Vice Principals Shri Nilakantha Panigrahy, Shri Kalinga Rudra Panda and Ms. Rashmi Pandey, along with all the Teachers, blessed the Class XII students for a prosperous future. Dr. Sahoo presented the students with an ‘Uttariya’ each, amidst showering of flower petals and lighting of lamps.