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SAI Angan brings joyful learning to young minds with ‘SAI Happiness Camp’

by SAI Admin

27 January, 2024

SAI International Education Group, known for its commitment to holistic education, is organizing the annual 'SAI Happiness Camp' for the young students of SAI Angan, one of India's largest play schools. This initiative, inspired by the vision of  Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, aims to instill essential life skills through enjoyable activities, aligning with the broader goal of preparing children to contribute positively to society. Commencing on January 22 and extending until 27 January, 2024, this camp is designed for students ranging from Nursery to KG-II.

The focus of the SAI Happiness Camp is on promoting emotional well-being, social skills, and personal growth in children through engaging and fun activities. The camp's holistic approach includes team-building exercises, inclusive games, mindfulness, and physical activities to foster positive moods and develop essential life skills.

The camp kicked off with great excitement on 22 January 2024, as young campers from Nursery to KG-II eagerly participated in various enchanting activities. Morning Energizers set the tone for a day filled with enthusiasm, followed by activities such as Art & Craft, Hands-on Crunchy Creations, Adventurous Thrills & Water Sports Extravaganza, Puppets & Fables, and a surprise Flash Mob.

Parent Connect sessions allowed parents to actively participate in the camp's fun-filled activities, reinforcing the sense of community and shared joy. The day concluded with a breathtaking Skyward Dreams activity, where lanterns of hope and joy were released, symbolizing the collective dreams and aspirations of the young participants.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, while discussing the importance of the happiness camp, shared, “Dr. Bijaya Sahoo always believed that happiness is a crucial element in a child’s growth, positively impacting emotional development, learning, and social skills. Happy children are more resilient, physically healthier, and tend to develop a positive self-image. Following Dr. Bijaya Sahoo’s vision, every year, SAI is organizing this camp for promoting emotional well-being through positive activities and fostering social skills in a supportive environment."

Each day of the camp ends with parents joining their children in the evening, enhancing the overall experience, and creating lasting memories for all participants. The camp not only provides a platform for joy and positivity but also emphasizes gratitude, positive thinking, and the development of crucial life skills.

"As a parent, witnessing the remarkable infrastructure and diverse activities at the Happiness Camp has filled our hearts with immense joy. Having recently relocated from Bangalore to Odisha, I am truly content with the formative education that my twins are receiving here. The school's innovative learning pedagogy and commitment to nurturing creativity have been a source of delight. It's truly heartening to see my children engaged and flourishing in this wonderful array of activities, reinforcing our confidence in the school's holistic approach to education.", said Ms. Bhuvaneswari Raja, parents of Aarnavi and Arthit from SAI Angan.

“I bounced on the trampoline, paddled a kayak – I felt like a little explorer! And guess what? I even got to take a cozy nap in between all the fun. The puppetry session was the best; I giggled with my friends and the puppets told the silliest stories! The Happiness Camp is like a magical wonderland where I get to play, learn, and have the happiest time ever!", said Dishaan, a KG-I learner from SAI Angan.