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by SAI Admin

02 February, 2021

Our Alumnus Ankit Sahu delivered an alumni talk for students of SAI International School on Saturday, January 30, 2021. He began his talk by sharing a popular Japanese proverb that states, “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” thus, going on to say it is important to clear your mind of all doubts and make the move right on time to grab that kind of life altering opportunity, when it comes by.

He shared his own insights in the most simplistic and engaging manner to truly benefit the students. He mentioned SAI International school gave him a highly competitive environment and the events that have acted as a springboard, as reference points for all his future endeavors. The multidimensional environment of the University in Japan, with a vast global network and multicultural focal groups truly helped him to discover himself.

Dr. Shilpi Sahoo, Vice Chairperson, SAI International Group recollected on how Ankit was a highly enthusiastic go-getter attitude student with a polite and a very smiling persona was back then. In fact, Ankit is very humble, and carries a value centric outlook towards learning and developing himself further.

SAI International School highly appreciates the career guiding approach that he undertook during the session by sharing valuable tips on how important it is to lead one’s life with balancing desires and professional goals simultaneously. SAI International School wishes him all the very best for all his future endeavors.