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by SAI Admin

28 July, 2020

A famous adage in English goes like ’fortune favors the fools; but our SAIoneers believe in the diction- fortune favors the brave and to bask in the glory of fortune makers one needs to be among the fortune seekers’. If the world today peeps into what’s trending, SAIoneers vie among tomorrows trendsetters.

Once a SAIoneer is always a SAIoneer. Each word Harsh Agarwal spoke in the SAI Alumni Talk reflected in the grooming given to him while in SAI International. The SAI Alumni Talk with Harsh Agarwal was conducted on Saturday, July 25, 2020, one of the most invigorating and highly interactive session with more than 1000 participants.

The Robotics enthusiast while speaking on one’s attitude, quoted that what make you as a person is the attitude toward life and other, one should be humble and always giving and what you have got from the society, you need to give back. He also emphasized on the importance of learning and said’ “always appreciate new knowledge and respect those who bring that to you, you are dead if you have stopped learning”. While speaking to the SAIoneers he said, “you will fail once but remember that you have to  be resilient and come back with ignited energies and higher spirits”.

He has a keen interest to create intelligent, imaginative and creative robot. The very talented boy has a Masters in Robotics from the School of Computer Science at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, USA. and Graduated in Electrical Engineering from BHU, Varanasi. He has been a part of several research labs across the globe and is currently working at Rephrase.ai, as Research Scientist and Entrepreneur. He is also a Research Assistant at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University.

Harsh been a meritorious student with great focus on academics. He was one of the School Toppers in CBSE Class XII Boards, qualified KVPY and was a NTSE scholar. He was among the top 0.1% students to qualify in IIT JEE.

While talking about the school he said, “I am very fortunate to be a SAIoneer, the values and the life skills imparted to me during my school days have certainly shaped me as an individual I am now. I wish all the best to all my juniors of my School.” He also thanked the Founder & Mentor Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo for mentoring him all through his school day.

SAI Alumni Talk endeavors to pave a way for interaction between our alumni and our current batch of SAIoneers, to inspire our students to dream big and achieve their dreams. It is a brilliant medium for you to interact with your seniors and learn from their experiences. You will know directly from them the processes to get into the fields and areas of your interest. These sessions will not only widen your knowledge horizon but also your career prospects. Your seniors will guide you on how you can pursue your passion and the steps you can take to achieve your objective. The sessions will help you prepare for the real world.

Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo while talking to Harsh said, “it gives me immense happiness and joy to see my SAIoneers bloom into successful, good human beings and walk on the path of humanity and values.”