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Round Square Conference 2024: Forging Paths of Leadership and Collaboration

by SAI Admin

06 April, 2024

SAI International School's young ambassadors embarked on an empowering journey to Chandigarh for the prestigious Round Square Conference 2024 hosted by Vivek High School. This 5-day event, drawing participants from 7 countries, including India, serves as a platform for enriching interactions and discussions centered around the ideals of leadership and collaboration.

The vibrant journey commenced with the students' arrival at Chandigarh after a delightful layover in Delhi. Welcomed warmly by Vivek High School, the delegation of nine students and two teachers from SAI International School checked into the elegant Taj, Chandigarh. The day unfolded with ice-breaking activities that fostered new friendships and set the stage for the memorable experiences that awaited them.

The conference's second day kicked off early with a wholesome breakfast at Black Lotus, followed by the grand Opening Ceremony at 9:00 AM. Dignitaries inaugurated the event, marking the beginning of a series of enlightening sessions. The Flag Bearing Ceremony, coupled with captivating performances by VHS students, including a mesmerizing School Choir and group dance, set a vibrant tone for the day.

Mr. Vikram Agnihotri's inspiring keynote speech on resilience, drawing from the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, resonated deeply with the audience. Psychologist Ms. Prachi Agrawal further enriched the day with insights on Kintsugi, encouraging acceptance and growth through life's challenges.

The day unfolded with engaging sessions on Kintsugi, fostering resilience and acceptance among the attendees. Various activities, including baraza sessions, a Kintsugi Activity, and a lively JAM session, provided ample opportunities for learning and networking. The day culminated in a delightful Punjabi dinner, celebrating diversity and camaraderie among the participants.

On Day 3, participants immersed themselves in mindfulness and meditation during a Keynote Session at Suryavilas Luxury Resort. The day's activities, including a nature walk and team-building exercises, facilitated experiential learning and personal growth. Storyteller Ms. Rituparna added a touch of fun and moral insight, enriching the overall conference experience.

With two more days of the conference ahead, the delegates eagerly anticipate further opportunities for growth and learning. As the conference progresses, SAI International students continue to embrace the values of Round Square, finding inspiration, learning, and forging lasting connections that transcend borders and cultures. The Round Square Conference 2024 stands as a testament to their commitment to leadership, collaboration, and global citizenship. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey.