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Pathways to Being a Good Leader: Reflections from ‘Leader in Me’ Session

by SAI Admin

20 April, 2024

In the ‘Leader in Me’ virtual Class for students in Classes VI-VIII held on April 20 2024, the essence of leadership was highlighted as achieving goals through human collaboration. A great leader, as discussed, adeptly guides their team towards specific objectives.

Key aspects of leadership were emphasized, including a service-oriented mindset, perseverance, and problem-solving abilities. The session underscored qualities such as integrity, self-awareness, innovation, vision, trust, passion, communication, and compassion as essential for effective leadership.

Students engaged in a reflective discussion on inspirational leadership, identifying the traits that make a person a perfect leader. After a session of brainstorming they defined the attributes of a true leader

 L - Lead by example
 E Empower others
 A - accept responsibility
 D - Dynamic in approach
 E - Empathy for others

 R - Respond with compassion

The class also delved into the concept that leadership is a choice and discussed the importance of paradigms in shaping perspectives. The session concluded with a thought-provoking message: "Make a choice to see things differently," encapsulating the essence of transformative leadership learning.