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Oratory Brilliance: PravegaX-Dianoia Chronicles

by SAI Admin

01 February, 2024

In a resounding achievement at PravegaX-Dianoia, a distinguished debate and oratory competition organized by India's premier science institute, IISc Bangalore, Ankita Mishra from Grade 11 emerged as a standout finalist. Out of over 100 participants auditioned nationwide, only 8 made it to the finals held at IISc Bangalore, and Ankita's exceptional skills secured her a coveted spot among the finalists. Her stellar performance culminated in a well-deserved 2nd position on the national podium, marking a significant milestone in her oratory journey. The competition featured a thrilling multi-debate format with progressive elimination across six intense rounds. Ankita showcased remarkable prowess, successfully navigating each round and ultimately clinching a spot as one of the top 3 podium finishers.

Heartiest Congratulations to Ankita for this remarkable accomplishment. It is indeed a testament to her eloquence, intellect, and dedication to the art of debate and oratory.