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by SAI Admin

10 May, 2020

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year at SAI International to acknowledge and salute the spirit of motherhood. Like every year, this year too, students celebrated the day with the same vigor, verve and vitality. The lockdown could not dampen the spirit of the SAIoneers to revel the occasion of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10, 2020.  The SAIoneers of SAI International School, SAI Angan and SAI International Residential School got together to celebrate and pay a tribute to the unconditional love of the mothers through the virtual mode.

SAI International utilized the online Zoom class timings wherein each class from Play Group to Class XII put up their class-wise performances, online to showcase their love for their mothers. The performances were divided into three slots. In the first slot, students of SAI International School and SAI Angan performed dance sequences, dramas, mono acts, songs, speeches and poems, all dedicated to the selfless love of mothers. It was heartening to see the students and the family members pay a humble tribute to all the mothers. It was also a moment of togetherness, love and gratitude.

Adding to the joy, the music and dance Gurus of SAI International created a magical tranquility in the harmonious symphony of dance and music as a musical ode to the mothers. On the occasion, Founder, SAI International, paid a tribute to the mothers and humbly thanked them for being a powerful source of positivity and strength in each child. They are the epitome of love and sacrifice. He also got emotional remembering his own mother.

Students of SAI International Residential School (SIRS) in the third slot welcomed all the mothers through a welcome song and a welcome dance. The two hours live programme witnessed numerous magical performances by the students, acknowledging the importance of mothers in their life, making the mothers emotional.

It was a real treat to witness the eventful day, which created history in the most cacophonic and catastrophic times of COVID19, where the children with their zeal captured the hearts of the mothers and displayed their feelings.

Nobody could have ever imagined that such a day would occur, where students would perform online so successfully and this indeed will be written in golden letters in history that SAI International knows how to bring smiles on the faces even during the times of despair.

The school encourages and helps in creating strong bond with parents to enhance the balanced and successful growth of individual students. Mother’s Day is an occasion to showcase the bond between a mother and child and help them spend some quality time together. This year’s Mother’s Day celebration will be etched in the memories of each member of our SAIoneer’s, especially the Mothers.