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Mission Shakti's Women’s Self-Help Groups Shine at UNWIND 2023

by SAI Admin

03 December, 2023

The Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) affiliated with 'Mission Shakti,' Government of Odisha, took center stage at UNWIND 2023.. Efficiently managed by these women self-help groups, the lounge highlighted their journey towards financial independence and women empowerment. This participation significantly contributed to social empowerment, amplifying the spirit of progress and inclusivity.

Beyond financial independence, the participation of WSHGs at UNWIND 2023 played a crucial role in social empowerment. Actively managing a booth at the cultural fest, these women self-help groups showcased their skills, talents, and achievements. The booth became a platform for the wider community to appreciate and support the endeavours of Mission Shakti, fostering a sense of community and collective progress.

The inclusion of Mission Shakti's WSHGs in UNWIND 2023 marked a significant step towards progress and inclusivity. The cultural fest, known for its diverse array of experiences, provided a valuable platform for these women to showcase their capabilities and celebrate their journey towards empowerment. The lounge became a testament to the power of collaboration between government initiatives and grassroots efforts in driving positive change.

As UNWIND 2023 continues to unfold its multifaceted tapestry, the presence of Mission Shakti's Women’s Self-Help Groups stands out as a beacon of empowerment and resilience. The collaborative efforts showcased at the cultural fest exemplify the commitment to fostering a society where women can thrive, contribute, and lead. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as UNWIND 2023 continues to celebrate empowerment and diversity.