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Joyful Education, Dr. Sahoo's Everlasting Legacy

by SAI Admin

07 September, 2023

Cambridge students of Class IV organized a special assembly to honour their beloved Chairman Sir, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo. Aligning with his philosophy of spreading happiness, the theme was 'Joy.' The students shared creative ideas, poetic expressions, recent discoveries related to Chandrayaan 3 and space exploration, and intriguing facts. The assembly concluded with a heartwarming performance of one of Chairman Sir's favourite songs, filling the audience with joy and a sense of ease. It was a touching tribute to a visionary leader who cherished happiness and learning.

Dr. Sahoo's profound belief in the importance of joy was a guiding principle that permeated every aspect of his leadership. He understood that joy is not just an emotion but a powerful catalyst for learning and personal growth. By fostering a joyful environment within educational institutions, he aimed to create a space where students not only excelled academically but also found fulfilment and happiness in their learning journey. Dr. Sahoo's emphasis on joy encouraged students to embrace curiosity, explore their creativity, and approach challenges with a positive attitude. It was a reminder that learning should be a joyful and enriching experience, and his legacy continues to inspire educators and learners alike to find joy in their pursuit of knowledge.