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Intriguing Science Workshops Exploring Tech and Science Frontiers

by SAI Admin

29 November, 2023

Within the dynamic landscape of SAITED 2023, a rich tapestry of innovation and knowledge unfolded through engaging workshops for Classes VI-XII. These included ‘Techutionalising the Urban Mobility Space’, ‘Cosmoquest: Journeying through Space, Science & Robotics’, ‘Cosmetolab: Exploring Science Beneath Beauty’, ‘Roboforge: New Realms’, ‘Greengen Innovate: Cultivating Sustainability’ and ‘Dronetech Mavericks: Skyward Adventures.’ Specifically, ‘Greengen Innovate’ delved into the intersection of technology and sustainability, showcasing innovative solutions for a greener future. Meanwhile, ‘Cosmetolab’ explored the science behind beauty, and ‘EMotorad’ delved into the realm of e-bikes, adding a unique blend of practical and futuristic perspectives to the diverse workshops at the event.