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Interact Club's Book Donation Drive Enlivens Nandankanan High School's Learning Landscape

by SAI Admin

19 July, 2023

The Interact Club members from Classes XI & XII of SAI International School made a significant impact during their visit to Nandankanan High School as part of the school's CSR initiative, the 100 Libraries Project. Fueled by compassion and enthusiasm, their generous donation of a diverse collection of books enriched the learning environment, nurturing a love for reading among the students at Nandankanan High School. Beyond the gift of knowledge, this thoughtful gesture forged a strong bond between the two institutions, exemplifying the power of collaborative efforts in promoting education and knowledge-sharing amongst young learners.

Outcomes of the Visit:

Enriched Learning Environment: The donation of diverse books enhanced the library resources at Nandankanan High School, providing students with a wider range of subjects and genres to explore, fostering their curiosity and passion for learning.

Fostering Reading Habits: The thoughtfully donated books instilled a love for reading among the students, encouraging them to engage with books beyond their regular curriculum and broadening their horizons.

Strengthening Bonds: The visit served as a catalyst for building a strong relationship between SAI International School and Nandankanan High School, laying the foundation for future collaborative endeavors and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Promoting Service Ethos: The Interact Club's selfless act showcased the value of service before self, inspiring both SAI International School and Nandankanan High School students to actively participate in community service and give back to society.