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Inspiring Postcard Exchange: SAI International and Gut Warnberg Schule

by SAI Admin

12 June, 2024

As part of its ongoing collaboration with Round Square, SAI International School recently received an inspiring postcard from Gut Warnberg Schule in Germany on June 12th. The theme, "Social Work with Heart," highlighted Gut Warnberg Schule’s dedication to community service and the profound impact of heartfelt social work.

The postcard began with a fun icebreaker session where participants shared three emojis representing their current state of mind. This creative activity allowed participants to express themselves in a unique and engaging way.

SAI International School was honored to share its contributions to social work, including the 100 Libraries Project and the Joy of Giving Week. These initiatives underscore the school's commitment to education and philanthropy, aiming to spread knowledge and joy within the community. The school also highlighted the efforts of its Eco Club, SAI Prakriti, discussing how their initiatives towards a sustainable future not only beautify the environment but also instill a sense of responsibility towards nature in the community.

Other schools, including Woodridge, Sunbeam School Lahartara, Mody School, Birla Public School, and RKKGPS, also shared their experiences and initiatives during the postcard exchange.

The postcard from Gut Warnberg Schule serves as an inspiring example of how social work, when carried out with heart and sincerity, can bring about meaningful change. It encourages reflection on personal contributions to society and motivates engagement in similar initiatives within the community.