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Inspiring Healthy Habits: SAIoneers' Initiative at GYPF 2023

by SAI Admin

13 September, 2023

As part of their active involvement in the 16th Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF2023) hosted in Colombo, Sri Lanka, SAIoneers undertook a significant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) project on August 28th, 2023, as a preparation for the upcoming 1st Asian SDG Challenger Trophy. During this initiative, students from both SAI International School (SIS) and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) delivered informative presentations and engaged in activities centered around the theme of healthy vs. junk food. Their objective was to cultivate healthy eating habits among the class-I students of SAI Angan, imparting a clear understanding of the distinction between nutritious and unhealthy food choices. 

Furthermore, the young learners were guided in a creative activity, crafting a caterpillar body composed of circles, with each circle highlighting examples of both healthy and junk foods. This endeavour yielded various learning outcomes, benefiting both the presenters and the small children involved.