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Inspiring Climate Change Talk by Renowned Anglia Ruskin University Professor

by SAI Admin

28 August, 2023

SAI International School was honoured to host Professor Alison Greig from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), UK, as a distinguished guest speaker in collaboration with the British Council's prestigious ‘Great Talks’ series, a lecture series by subject experts from the UK, that aims to facilitate meaningful dialogues, promote knowledge sharing, and foster cross-cultural understanding & and consider innovative solutions to the complex issues facing our world today. The event, held on August 28, 2023, brought together students, educators, and climate enthusiasts, all eager to delve into the pressing topic of climate change.

Professor Alison Greig, a leading expert in the field and the Director of Education for Sustainability at ARU, captivated the audience with her enlightening talk titled "Climate Change Tunnel Vision?" The event was an opportunity for the students to gain insights into the complex challenges posed by climate change and the necessary shifts in mindset to effectively address them.

The event was followed by an engaging question-and-answer session, where the students demonstrated their eagerness to understand the broader context of environmental issues beyond the conventional discourse on climate change. During the captivating Q&A session, students displayed their enthusiasm for comprehending environmental issues beyond the conventional climate change discourse. Professor Greig adeptly addressed various subjects during her talk, including the vital role of education in broadening awareness about environmental concerns, effective advocacy for policy changes, the need for transformative mindset shifts, potential technological solutions for mitigating climate impacts, fostering global collaboration among young changemakers, and enhancing climate change education integration within school curricula to empower students beyond events like the Great Talk.

Prof. Greig addressed the students by reminding them that they hold the future of our planet in their hands. “My purpose here is to sow a seed of inspiration in your minds, with hopes that it will gradually take root and flourish over time—whether it takes days, weeks, or even months—for you to realize the incredible power you possess to reshape the world. Witnessing the passion and involvement of SAI International School students in diverse sustainable initiatives brings me immense joy, as it reflects the very transformation of mindset we strive for. Each of your efforts becomes a catalyst for change, and as you work towards one sustainable goal, you create a mind map that leads the way for countless others."

“SAI International School continues to spearhead initiatives that foster meaningful dialogue and awareness on vital global issues among the youth, promoting a culture where students are not only educated about environmental responsibility but also encouraged to actively engage across diverse platforms, catalysing positive global change. Through its holistic approach, the school empowers youth to become dynamic agents of transformation in the world.”, expressed Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International.

"Professor Greig's insightful talk ignited a spark of awareness and empowerment among our students. Her words have resonated deeply, inspiring our young minds to envision a world where they are catalysts for meaningful change. We are committed to nurturing this enthusiasm and translating it into impactful actions for a sustainable future.", expressed Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, Director Academics & Sr Principal, SAI International School

The event was an enriching experience for both students and educators, inspiring them to think critically, act responsibly, and work collaboratively towards addressing the complex challenges of climate change.